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In addition to programs and services we provide to our members, the Ninilchik Tribal Council offers a variety of services available to anyone in the Ninilchik community.

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The Cheeky Moose

Community Gillnet Fisheries

Community Busing

Community Gillnet Fisheries

Since 2016, our community gillnet fisheries have allowed us to responsibly harvest sockeye salmon from the Kasilof and Kenai Rivers. The fish we catch are distributed among members of our community with subsistence permits. Watch for notices below with updated information about how to participate.

Gillnet Notices

Community Gillnet Fisheries


Gillnet Fisheries

Ninilchik residents wishing to participate in the fisheries must first obtain a Federal subsistence salmon fishing permit for the Kasilof River.

For more information, call (907) 567-3313.
Thank You

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The Cheeky Moose

Laundromat, Showers, Tanning,
Deli, & Espresso

Summer Hours

Open Friday-Wednesday
8am – 9pm

[Closed on Thursdays] 


Open Saturday – Monday
[full menu]

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
[limited menu]

Ashley DeVaney

Cheeky Moose Manager


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Our Goal is to Help Meet the Transportation
Needs of The Kenai Peninsula

The purpose of the BUMPS program is to create an affordable transportation choice that serves the community, non-drivers, senior citizens, and people with special needs. The bus service has the potential to connect people to local educational institutions, medical and dental care facilities, employment opportunities, and commerce, while decreasing the overall economic burden of transportation to the residents and businesses of the Kenai Peninsula. Our Buses are wheelchair ready and ADA compatible. We hope that by increasing access to economic centers we can help reduce transportation obstacles, help the larger community, and promote positive growth in the region.

What is this bus service?

  • BUMPS is a bus service established to help people overcome the transportation obstacles on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • This bus service is for everyone who would like a ride.
  • The bus service provides transportation from Homer to Soldotna and Kenai.
  • We operate the service three days a week.
  • The buses run on a fixed route schedule and have specific stops.
  • Information provided by the public and our riders helps shape how the service operates and where the destinations for the buses will be.

What Does it Cost?

$7 for a one-way trip
$10 for a round trip

We can take credit cards (VISA, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover)

We Would Like to Hear from You

You can email us with suggestions that you may have about the bus service and we can see what we can do to accommodate the needs. Call us with any questions!

(907) 567-3815

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