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The Ninilchik Traditional Council provides health services in the “Ninilchik, Anchor Point, and Homer area” and is also a source of assistance and referrals to other medical facilities in Alaska. Health and well being are important tribal values and NTC encourages all people to improve or maintain their health of both body and mind. The principles of health and good medicine provide a strong foundation for personal achievements, community success, and cultural enrichment.

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Telemedicine is a digital tool that allows us to care for our patients remotely when our provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Modern technology has enabled us to consult patients by using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools.

Please continue to call the Clinic for scheduling your appointments.

Have questions? Here’s more detailed information:

Follow these instructions to join your appointment:
1. Use the telemedicine card below and click “Enter Waiting Room” at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment.
2. Enter your name and click “Check-In”
3. That’s it! Now just wait and your provider will be with you shortly.

Patient Portal & Online Bill Pay

The NTC Community Clinic is pleased to offer our patients 24/7 access to their medical records free of charge.

Having trouble accessing your account?

Contact us below!

Message Your Provider or Case Manager

Have a question regarding your health? Want to avoid call wait times or phone tag?

Message your doctor or case manager – just like email but secure!


Whether you need a pre-employment, DOT, CDL, Coast Guard, insurance, wellness, or school physical, NTC Community Clinic is able to accommodate your needs. Drug screens and lab work are also available.


Pay invoices and see pending insurance submissions in My Account and Billing.  Ask a Billing Question is also available on the Billing tab.

Renew Medications

Save time by renewing your prescription medications when it’s convenient for you.

Click on My Health, and then Medications. Locate the medication you wish to renew, and under Options, click on the pill bottle icon. Feel free to leave your doctor a comment regarding this medication, then hit Send.

Your doctor or care team will contact you when your prescription has successfully been renewed.

Be sure to pick up your medication from the pharmacy you’ve indicated in your portal account.

View Lab Results

Avoid waiting for a phone call from your healthcare provider, and view all normal test and lab results the moment they are available to you.

Click My Health, and then the Results tab. Locate the lab work you’re interested in seeing the results of under the Value or Range columns. You may also be able to view details of your lab results by clicking on the document icon under the Options column.

Need to create an account? 

 Contact us below and use this handout to help you work with us in creating your account.