Tribal Burial Assistance

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The NTC Tribal Services Department provides social services to tribal members and Native individuals living in the Ninilchik tribal boundaries. Staff members provide a safe and confidential environment for those experiencing domestic crises or in need of social outreach. Tribal Services offers two assistance programs for transitional periods of life as well as resources or home child care and parenting. Department representatives also advocate for and intervene in cases where the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) laws apply to the Ninilchik Tribe.

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Burial Assistance

Tribal Services provides burial assistance to the families of deceased Native residents who lived within tribal boundaries. The funding provided covers the cost of a basic funeral service and minimal amenities. Because this program is only for last-case scenarios and not supplementary, it will not cover funds for services that already have been partially paid for by any party or institution, nor will the program reimburse any existing costs paid.


  • Native residents within Ninilchik tribal boundaries
  • Please note that the person’s last residential address determines eligibility regardless of tribal affiliation or membership

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